About Us

The Story begins…

Football Game

Soccer Basement was founded in 2009 by a passionate footballing family who loved and played the game. 

Hailing from European origins, our goal was to promote ‘the beautiful game’ to fellow Victorians down the Mornington Peninsula region thorough the sale of footballs and accessories while making a living for ourselves.

Our first challenge was deciding on a name for the business.

We initially settled on ‘Football Basement’ as it resonated with our beloved sport and the word ‘basement’ would reflect the lowest possible competitive price we would sell our products.

However, being in Australia, the term ‘football’ is associated with the Australian Rules Football. Not wanting customers to be confused between the two sports, we named our business ‘Soccer Basement’.

For the record, we did some research and found out that the word ‘soccer’ originated in Britain some 200 years ago and came from the official name of the sport, ‘association football’.

And so, our story began as we promoted our beloved game and served the local and regional communities selling soccer merchandise, accessories and training equipment to keen footballers at all levels of the game, clubs and fans alike. 

Over the years, we have transitioned to an online store and now dispatch the online orders across Australia.

We have made every effort to make ensure that your visit to our online store is pleasant, efficient and secure. 

Please let us know if there is anything we can help you with. We love to hear from you and hope you love ‘the beautiful game’ as much as we do.